A 21 year old Premkumar files a Assault case against Suriya !

Actor Suriya is currently the headline act in TV and social media, After a young boy has filled a sensational assault case against the actor in real life. The 21 year old boy named Premkumar alleged that he was involved in a accident with a car a was in a argument with them while Suriya intervened and slapped him twice. Premkumar went on add that he has done nothing wrong and has no idea why Suriya had slapped him.

Suriya’s Manager has just issued a clarification stating that those two boys including Premkumar had been harassing a old lady in Adyar and Suriya who was passing by intervened and questioned the boys what was going on and advised them to not do such things. Suriya immediately informed the Police and left his two assistants at the incident spot and left. In the meantime the two youngsters have taken advantage of Suriya’s absence and have filed a case against them.

Updated 31st May 2016,18.45

Now the latest update is that the boy has himself withdrawn the case against Suriya, Stay tuned to this space for more updates

Updated June 1st – 2.24 A.M

Now the lady who was the real victim in this incident made the following statements in her twitter clarifying to the world what really happened

Here is Suriya’s reply to Pushpa and regarding the entire incident.



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