A Big Problem for Bairavaa in Kerala !

Ilayathalapathy’s market in Kerala is a so strong that a certain section of media hails Kerala as Ilayathalapathy’s fort. Such has been the love Ilayathalapathy receives from the people of Kerala.

But there has been standoff between Producers Association and A-class theatre owners union- exhibitors federation for quite sometime now and this has blocked the release of many Malayalam films. Now there was a recent meeting between both the party just minutes ago and they have to decided  to close down Theaters affiliated to the association from Thursday which is January 12th which is also the release date of Bairavaa.

Meaning out of 520 Screens in Kerala, Bairavaa will not be Screened in 360 theatres and this has become a huge setback for Ilayathalapathy starrer which would have otherwise registered a huge number at Kerala Box Office.


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