AL Vijay talks about the Amala Paul and the Divorce !!

Director AL Vijay who has been tight lipped regarding the Divorce has finally spoken out and explained what really happened and what was the real reason for the divorce.

“Over the past few days, i have read numerous news that Amala Paul and i are getting divorced, Yes it’s true that me and Amala Paul are indeed getting divorced but apart from that every single thing that has been reported has been untrue. Only i know the real reason on why we divorced. I don’t want to share my life story to anyone.

Like everyone, my father too was upset on his son’s life and spoke out from his heart on what he thought was right, This created yet another controversy.

I have always been someone who respects women, All my movies have shown women in very good light and talks about their independency. Amala Paul wanted to continue acting after marriage and to the best of my ability i supported her cause. With this being the truth, The fact that we divorced only because Amala continued her career is completely false.

Trust and Honesty, these two characters strongly support Marriage and the entire marriage system is based on this. Once these two are broken there is no point in continuing the marriage and there will be no meaning to it. Not even in our dreams did we think we’d split but today it has happened and with pain in my heart i have decided to carry on my life.”

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