AL Vijay’s Parents the reason for Divorce ?

Amala Paul and AL Vijay have been the headline grabbers for the past month. Though the couple have remained tight lipped about the divorce, AL Vijay’s father Alagappan in a recent interview confirmed the news and also revealed the reason why the couple had opted for divorce.

A.L.Vijay’s father now talks about Amala Paul and his Son !

Now a report in Times of India tells a very different story. Amala Paul and AL Vijay allegedly had no differences between them, But it was the pressure from her in laws that forced Amala Paul too head for this splitsville. AL Vijay parents were against Amala acting in films after marriage but she had to finish shoot for the 3 films she had signed before the wedding and though Vijay was very supportive his is family questions on Amala’s personal life and career reached a point where the couple just couldn’t take it anymore and hence the divorce.

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