Amala Paul says – I Can’t live with or Without him !

The supremely talented Amala Paul was the Headline Heroine for the past few months over the news of her separation with Director and her husband A.L.Vijay.

Now the actress finally opened to Deccan Chronicle on life post the divorce, Amala Paul said  “It’s simple. Staying happy! I realised that true happiness doesn’t come from outside, but from looking within. I love running a lot too, and also practise some kriyas that I learned from the Isha Foundation. They help rejuvenate both my mind and body.”

When quizzed on how she managed to deal with all the recent drama, Amala said her brother Abhijith was a huge source of support to him and said “I love him so much. We share a typical brother-sister bond… I can’t live with or without him!”

Amala signed off revealing a small insight into her future plans  “My future plans are to get surprised — precisely how it has been so far — for better or worse.  Getting to act in movies, getting married, getting divorced, giving this interview, and the list shall continue.”

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