Amy Jackson talks about One Night Stand, Failed Relationships and An Assault !

The Brit Supermodel Amy Jackson has truly established her as a leading lady in Kollywood with massive blockbusters in I and Theri. The Actress is also currently into Superstar’s 2.0 Directed by Shankar. In a recent interview to Filmfare, Amy talked opened up on numerous issues, Here are some of the highlights from the comprehensive interview

How did you react to the failed relationships?

I felt lonely. My films made me feel so much more alive and satisfied than any of the persons could make me feel. That made me realise I didn’t need any of this nonsense and heartbreak. Just do what you love.

You went through an ugly bout with boxer boyfriend, Joe Selkirk, who reportedly assaulted you. How did you deal with it?

It transformed me as a person. It made me not want to rely on anybody. It turned me into a strong and independent woman, who could take care of myself and my mother and people who relied on me. If love comes it’s nice but I want none of this crappy attachment. After experiences like that, I didn’t want it anymore.

One-night stands…

You should go with your emotions and feelings. If it feels right, then why not?

Your views on homosexuality…

I’m completely open about it. One of my best friends is a lesbian. The world’s open to

it now.

Thoughts on live-in relationships…

Live in relationships help. That’s when you see the true colours of the person. That helps you identify if the love is worth the effort or not.

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