Anirudh answers on Split between him and Dhanush ?

The dynamic combo of ‘DnA’, Dhanush and Anirudh have been the mainstay in the rumor mill, Where a talk of misunderstanding and split was brewed.

These rumors were fueled by Dhanush unfollowing Anirudh on twitter, Dhanush signing up Sean Rolden for his directoiral debut and recently the Wunderbar Films released a APP which featured “Kadhal Kondaen” Theme instead of the usual “Velai Illa Pattathari” theme.

Now in a recent interview Anirudh was quizzed on the rumors of a split between him and Dhanush, Anirudh however said there is no breakup we still talk to each other but Anirudh did say that like any relationship they do need their space . A ‘DnA’ comeback after a year’s gap would be massive in every aspect that is exactly the sketch concluded the Rockstar.



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