Karuppan Movie Review

There are few films that might be too simple and ordinary with the story or premise. With no doubt, Karuppan is one such film that doesn’t get itself into any complications. As you step out of theatres, there is one thing that every audience might be marking the verdicts with. A film that gives a pleasant feel-good experience and doesn’t ... More

SPYder – Movie Review !

When someone decides to watch an AR Murugadoss film, it is obvious that they would be well prepared. In fact, all his movies except Dheena and Akira have comprised of good message based on social context. In Spyder, he indeed spells out a similar paradigm, where it deals with a social issue, but on different level. Revealing it much could be ... More

Thupparivalan Movie Review

His ratiocinative skills are absolutely tremendous, they way he disarms the Kungu-Fu wizardries hands down and his theoretical cognizance over physics and chemistry are beyond brilliance. The protagonist Kanian Poongundran (Vishal), a detective with unparalleled intelligence and unconventional lifestyle is one such guy. The film opens with ... More

Magalir Mattum Movie Review

Actor Suriya through his 2D Entertainment decided to churn out a decent quality of family entertainers. Apparently, he has been proving of such standards through movies like 36 Vayadhinile, 24 and Pasanga 2. Now with Magalir Mattum, he yet again scores brownie points with a beautiful family entertainer laced with an important message emphas... More

Neruppu Da Movie Review

There are times, when a director or writer comes up with a good plot and when narrated as a story in few lines would definitely give an impression of super hit. But things turn awry when the narrative aspect gets fallible. ‘A good movie dumped by poor screenplay’ – Very often, we have come across such instances and Neruppu Da is a big ... More