Did Atharvaa Personally recommend this Heroine ?

The promising actor Atharvaa Murali is currently busy working on his upcoming projects “Semma Botha Aagathey”, “Imaikka Nodigal” and “Gemini Ganesanum Surulir Rajanum”.

The Stylish Atharvaa Murali has also been signed up to play the lead role in “Othaiku ottha” film which is directed by newcomer Barnesh. This Atharvaa starrer apparently has two female leads and the makers had already signed up Vidya Pradeep of “Saivam”
and recently released “Achamindri” film. Now this is where it gets interesting there is a talk going around that Atharvaa had personally recommended Priya Anand to be cast in as the second heroine in the film.

Now there have been already numerous gossips linking Atharvaa and Priya Anand in the past, This rumor just adds more fuel to the already existing fire.


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