He is Remo, I’m Past Says Chiyaan Vikram !!

The Man of dedication has done it yet again with “Iru Mugan”, Where is “Love” role has already gone viral within minutes of trailer release. Chiyaan Vikram gave a heartfelt speech at the trailer launch thanking the fans for the love, Siva Karthikeyan who graced the event had this say to on Chiyaan Vikram.

Siva Karthikeyan recalled how he had waited an entire day to get the tickets for Chiyaan’s “Saamy” First day Show, Siva also revealed how Chiyaan used to tell him at every show he hosted that he was a hero material but he thought it off as just a joke. Siva also revealed how hesitant he was to ask Chiyaan to do a video promo for his debut film “Marina” and how Chiyaan did it just for him. Siva Karthikeyan went to say that the Nurse role i did for Remo would just be one percent of Love in Iru Mugan but even that one percent was inspired from Chiyaan Vikram.

Chiyaan however whilst on stage said, He was very happy when the crowd shouted REMO when Siva Karthikeyan was on stage in spite of his presence “That Means He is Remo, I’m Past, Congrats to REMO”. Vikram went on say that this Nurse role played by him was just a pickle but Siva Karthikeyan would have readied a Biriyani in REMO and he was very happy that REMO did not release with Iru Mugan.

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