How did Murugadoss come up with the Thala Title ?

A.R.Murugadoss, One of the most wanted director in Indian Cinema make up with “Thala” title in Dheena starring Ajith Kumar. In a recent media interaction ARM finally spilled out the beans on how he came up with the Thala title, “I once had a roommate named Mohan who was friends with some goons, he used to narrate me stories of what happened when he went out with them, One day Mohan narrated an incident where one thug was hesitant to kill a man and instead another thug stepped up and asked the thug to move aside saying ‘Nee Thallu Thala, Naan Pathukeren’. This gave me huge spark, as the word Thala looked fresh and i immediately decided to use it in my film, As i was working on “Dheena” script i used the word Thala in that film.”



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