I Feel very Cheated by the Producer – Trisha !

The Beauty Trisha Krishnan who is busy promoting her upcoming release “Kodi” in a recent interview finally revealed the reason why the actress failed to do the same for her previous release “Nayaki”.

Trisha shocked the entire Kollywood industry when she posted on twitter that she would not be promoting her own film Nayaki. The Vinnaithandi Vaaruvaaya beauty finally revealed the reason why, Trisha said she felt very cheated by the producer Giridhar and did not talk about it then because she had filed a civil suit against the film.

Trisha went on to say that she the Producer Giridhar was someone who she trusted very much and she felt very let down and very cheated.”I took a stand saying that I will not promote the film because this was not what he had promised me. I felt I had every right to back off when the time came“. said Trisha


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