Kamal Haasan on Reason for Vishwaroopam 2 Delay !

Recently the fans celebrated the 4 years anniversary of Vishwaroopam and put forth the request to see Vishwaroopam 2 soon. The Ulaga Nayagan has answered those million requests and finally revealed the reason for the long delay.

Ulaga Nayagan has revealed that 6 months of post-production work is still left in “Vishwaroopam 2” and The Film’s Producer Aascar V Ravichandran hasn’t been able to provide funds to pay pending salary of film’s crew and cast. Kamal Haasan went on add that Aascar Ravichandran has been busy bringing Arnold Schwarzenegger to release a Tamil film’s music and even busier buying rights for distribution of various films.

Kamal Haasan also added that “To work ahead, the crew needs to be paid. I can’t let my cast and crew suffer for my idealism.” Kamal concluded saying for Aascar Ravichandran this is just one more business venture but for him and his team its years of hard work and cannot cut down on the budget unless people are paid their pending salaries.

Updated – February 17th 13.35 P.m

Kamal Haasan today posted yet another update on Vishwaroopam and said he is doing everything he can to get Vishwaroopam 2 in theatres and urged to fans to wait as Post Production would take six months of time minimum. Here are the tweets by Ulaga Nayagan

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