Kamal Haasan on why He said no to Superstar’s 2.0

We all thought it was just a rumor, But our Ulaga Nayagan in a recent interview has revealed it was true indeed, Not Sure what we are talking about ? Here goes.. There were reports in Kollywood earlier that Ulaga Nayagan Kamal Haasan was approached to play the Villain in Superstar’s ‘2.0’ but the rumors subsided after Chiyaan, Shah Rukh Khan and Thala were associated with the same.

But in a recent interview Kamal Haasan said During their early days, Superstar and him have acted in numerous movies but at one point of time they decided to never act together until the film was produced by them both. Kamal Haasan said He and Rajinikanth have kept this promise for all these years and doesn’t want to break the vow they took for Enthiran 2.

That Powerful Protagonist role is now essayed by Akshay Kumar.


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