KO 2

Following the success of Ko (2011) directed by K V Anand, the producers had floated the idea of a potential sequel with pre-production work beginning on a follow-up film featuring co-producer James in the lead role.The film however failed to take off and in April 2015, Elred Kumar announced that he would be producing Ko 2 and that the new venture would be made by an entirely different team. New actors and technicians were added to the team to replace those involved in the original, with Sarath announced as the director. Bobby Simha and Nikki Galrani were revealed to be the lead actors, while it was announced that Prakash Rajwould play the role of a Central Minister. Leon James, who made his debut with Kanchana 2, was signed on to compose the film’s score and soundtrack.

In June 2015, the team released a motion poster and announced that the film was 50% complete.In first week of December 2015, overall shoot is completed. Team aimed to release the movie in the month of March 2016.


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