Lekha Washington’s open talk on Adjustment in Kollywood !

The Stunning and sensational VJ Lekha Washington who was last seen in “Kalyana Samayal Saadham” has acted in numerous Kollywood films in “Unnale Unnale”, “Jayamkondaan”, “Va” and “Arima Nambi”.

The Lovely actress in a recent interview shared one incident which she found particularly funny,

“A Tamil film director was offering me his film. He drove me around and kept asking “what will I get in return?”. I sort of played dumb, and said “maybe a good actor”. But he kept persisting and finally, I snapped and said, “you know, I am not going to sleep with you.”

He was quite taken aback, but kept trying to convince me. Needless to say, I didn’t get the role, but I’m glad he brought it up at the onset. And I was fine with it because it meant not having to deal with continuous harassment during the shoot.

Later, I found out that he went for the film’s shoot in a foreign country with the lead actress of the same film, and died of a heart attack caused by an overdose of Viagra. I thought that was so perfect! I mean, that’s karma for you. So yeah, that happened.”

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