Mersal Teaser – 5 special attractions that makes it blockbuster hit

Vijay Mersal teaser has been released before few minutes. We at SS Music bring you a much vivid analysis on 5 special attractions of this film’s teaser.

  1. The teaser with a running length of 75 seconds gets a much massive appeal for Vijay fans. The way Vijay is introduced with voiceover, BGM and visuals are excellent.
  2. To make sure that the first look teaser is completely meant for the Vijay’s domain, no other actors have been shown here.
  3. Background score by AR Rahman is something unique. He doesn’t repeat or recreate anything from the songs.
  4. One cannot believe if this is said to be cinematography from a first timer. So much of visual excellence is seen throughout the teaser.
  5. More than all other factors, it’s Atlee giving an unimaginable output with so much of grandeur in city and village backdrops.



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