Nayanthara answers why she doesn’t attend her film’s Promotion !

The ‘Lady Superstar’, Nayanthara is the numero uno in Kollywood and has a series of films lined up for release. The actress who has been criticized for not attending her film’s promotion finally spoke up on the reason why.

Nayanthara in a recent interview said its a conscious decision of hers to not attend her film’s promotion. Nayanthara went on add that she tells the producer of the same when they come to her with the script itself. “I do not not believe in sitting in front of a 100 channels and saying the same thing again and again about my movie” – Nayanthara.

Nayan also added that when movie is too small, i understand the producer’s plight and promote it but it’s her personal opinion.” A movie will run on the strength of its content more than how it’s promoted. A bad film promoted for even 100 days can flop” concluded Nayanthara.

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