Prakash Raj responds to allegations against him !

The Powerful performer Prakash Raj’s “Sila Samayangalil” has been chosen for a special screening at 74th Annual Golden Globe Awards on October 6th in Beverly Hills, The Event will also be graced by actress Sharon Stone.

Now in a recent interview actor Prakash Raj who has been in the headlines for various controversies in the past, Addressed the allegations of arriving late for shooting, and also of throwing tantrums at the shooting spot.

“Before I sign a film, I clearly explain what time I can arrive on the sets to shoot. I sleep at around 3 am, and wake up by 8.30 or 9 am. I can’t change my lifestyle for someone. If you like me then sign me for the movie and if you don’t then leave me out of it.” Said Prakash Raj.

Prakash Raj also went on to reveal that he is the only person in the industry without a manager and he decides his own salary, film and story.


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