Samantha reveals all the secret about her relationship with Naga Chaitanya

Samantha Ruth Prabhu finally confessed her relationship with Naga Chaitanya, Now in a recent interview to South Scope magazine Sam revealed all about her relationship and how they fell in love and so on.

“Yes, we are together and I think that we haven’t fixed any dates. So, every date that is out there in the media is speculation.  Marriage is a while away but yes, we are publicly in a relationship”. Speaking about who made this decision first Sam said “I don’t know exactly who said it first. Let me put it this way, from 2009, there have been times when I wanted to work on the relationship and he was not ready and there have been times, when he wanted to work on the relationship and I wasn’t ready.”

To the Question of How did it happen Samantha said 

Well I think, if you have seen interviews from every film of mine since the time I made my debut with Ye Maaya Chesave, there have always been subtle hints.  I have wondered why actually nobody (noticed) (laughs). Suddenly, now everybody is like,’Hey what happened? But there have been subtle hints ever since 2009. In some of my first few interviews, when reporters asked me to give one word to describe heroes and asked me about Naga Chaitanya, I’ve said first love. He has always been a very, very important part of my life. My first film, which was Ye Maaya Chesave, was with him. And we grew up together in the industry literally. He is my first friend in the  industry and he continues to be my ‘bestest’ friend. Well it just took time for us to grow up to come to this final conclusion and we both decided that if we can’t be with each other, I don’t think we can be with anybody else.

He has been there during moments of professional downfalls and personal downfalls. He’s been there during my relationship with other people and I have been there during his relationships with other people.  So, there is really nothing there that we don’t know about each other.            There is nothing we can hide from each other because at different points of our lives, we  didn’t even assume that we were going to be together. So, there were things that we told each other that now, we’d probably be like,’ yeah, that never happened!’ (laughs)

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