Samantha Talks about the Marriage Rumor !

Ever since Samantha annouced on twitter post the ‘Brahmotsavam’ audio launch that she was taking a break, The rumors on the actress wedding were flying left right and centre. The pretty actress added more fuel to fire when the already famous Who said Am i Single ? Reply came out for the question on her single life post breakup.

The Telugu media over the past 24 hours has come up with so many reports stating that Samantha is in love with a Young Hero and the couple have also sought out the permission from parents and all set for marriage. Samantha has denied the marriage rumor in a cryptic manner to say the least, here is the tweet made by Sam

From the onset, it does look like Sam is denying it yes, The fact that she hasn’t outrightly said no Marriage and the fact that She has simply said no marriage talks until she says so will definitely keep this saga an ongoing on for weeks to come.



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