Samantha’s Emotional Message !

Samantha Ruth Prabhu journey to the top of Kollywood and Tollywood has been nothing short of magical. Samantha celebrated the 7 years in the industry yesterday and shared an emotional messages for her fans, friends, critics and Haters.

“Like any rags to riches story, i have had my share of hardships, insecurities, failure, rejection, pain, sadness, success, fame and wealth. But, that does not mean i became happier as i became more successful. It took me 7 years to understand how to crack the art of normalcy,”

“What I have learnt in this time is that all the fame, wealth and success does not necessarily mean all the happiness. The greatest blessing cinema has offered me has been the people it has introduced into my life. people who have influenced my entire being.”

“Cinema gave me your love, love that i hunt onto dearly and desperately in hard times and fondly and gratefully on sunny days. Thank you so very much, will keep loving you all back all my life.”

Samantha also had a word for the haters saying, “people who abuse me on social media spend less time thinking about me than i about them”.

Here is the complete message

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