Sathuranga Vettai Actress Alleges Physical Harassment against Director !

Actress Ishaara who debuted in the superhit “Sathuranga Vettai” is currently in the middle of controversy as the makers of her upcoming film “Engada Irundheenga Ivvaalvu Naala” have a sent out a press release stating the actress has refused to act and has gone in hiding after taking a advance of 75000 Rs.

The Actress however has clarified her stand to The Times of India, Stating She did give them dates for four months, But they shot with her only for 2 days and Secondly she was not happy with the way the director had behaved with her, She went to say that

“He used to call me ‘vaa dee’and ‘po dee’. During the shoot, the director used to explain the scene to me in a vulgar way in front of everyone. I come in this film as myself, as Sathuranga Vettai Ishaara. In that case, imagine how such a scene will affect my reputation. I cannot even explain how vulgar the scene was. He was trying to touch me while talking to me. He used to push me to the wall and say, ‘Pannu dee pannu dee’. That was not professional. I was feeling harassed and I could not do the movie.”

Ishaara also narrated an incident from the shooting spot “There was one scene, where my character would be chased on a car. I was supposed to run away from the car, but the director, who drove the car, failed to hit the brake. The car hit me, and I fell down. I don’t know if he did that on purpose or if the brakes really didn’t work. I was feeling unwell, but no one on the set really bothered about it. How do you expect me to work when I did not feel safe on the set?”.

Ishaara concluded saying the makers were dragging her into the controversy just to promote their film.

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