Secrets from Kabali revealed !

Superstar’s “Kabali” the magnum opus is all set to release on July 1st, The entire Kollywood is awaiting the grand festival day. Now in a recent interview the editor of the Superstar starrer, Editor Praveen K.L revealed few inside secrets on Kabali. Here are some highlights

  • Superstar’s Kabali will have 5 songs in total out of which 4 songs have been visualised including a love song.
  • The CG works of the film haven’t arrived yet and the film’s final cut will made once the CG works are done. The total run time is expected to be 2 hour 40 minutes.
  • Superstar returns to the world after spending 25 years of his life in Jail.
  • 43 O is the name of the Villain gang and How Superstar single handedly breaks them and fights them forms the crux of Kabali.
  •   One of the Highlight scene would be the evolution of Kabali from a Common man to that of a Gangster.

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