When Vijay said “அட விடுப்பா நானே வெளிய தலைக்காட்ட முடியாம இருக்கேன்” !

Shanthanu Bhagyaraj ‘s Mupparimanam is all set for a grand release this Friday. The talented actor and elite dancer in a recent interview spoke about his relationship with Ilayathalapathy.

Shanthanu who is a die hard fan of Ilayathalapathy said he first meet him in a Award Show where he was to perform to an song and hence requested Vijay to stay and watch his dance, But unfortunately due to numerous delay Shanthanu’s dance was pushed later. The Following day  Shanthanu then received a phone call from Ilayathalapathy who apologized for not staying back and said he waited till 10.30 but since he had a shoot next morning he had to leave and sincerely apologized for not watching the dance.

Shanthanu said more than Vijay’s acting it was this character of him that made him into an die hard fan and went on add that he shares many intimate things with him and has even told Vijay if his movie are not good, He (Vijay) too has casually reacted அட விடுப்பா நானே வெளிய தலைக்காட்ட முடியாம இருக்கேன்’ . 

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