Shruti Haasan finally talks about Gautami & What Happened between them ?

The Rockstar cum Actress Shruti Haasan is currently ruling the roost in Kollywood and Tollywood. The pretty actress was recently involved in a huge controversy when reports of a spat between her and Gautami broke out on the sets of “Sabash Naidu”.

Is there a problem with Shruti & Gautami ?

These reports were followed by official press release from Shruti Haasan’s spokesperson who neither denied the news nor accepted the incident but said it was all in good spirits for the film. Now Shruti Haasan in a recent interview to Times of India has personally answered on that incident

Shruti Haasan said

In the film, my character is that of a feisty, spunky and independent woman. She reminds me a lot of myself when I was 19. So, there were discussions on what style would go well with the character. And I think we have come up with a great look. It was a team effort, we have a good product in hand and that’s all that matters. If I start bothering about the rumours, then I wouldn’t be working as much as I am now

Having said this, Shruti Haasan was quizzed on if she spoke to Gautami after this incident, The reply that followed from Shruti Haasan suggests maybe things are not smooth sailing with the Haasan’s family and Gautami…

I’m quite busy with my shooting and I just have enough time to spare to meet my dad, Akshara and my friends. I don’t have the privilege of time to meet everyone all the time. But, I’ve always said that my dad is one of the most important people in my universe and if someone’s important to him, I respect that person

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