SS MUSIC Vivegam Special – 5 questions and predictable conclusions

Just one more day for the worldwide release of Vivegam and entire league of Ajith Kumar fans are curiously waiting to witness the mammoth presentation. But there are many assumptions and questions involving the film’s plot and its features. We bring such questions and the predicted conclusions, which might be appropriate or sometimes a miss when we watch it upon screens.

  1. Ajith Kumar already impressed us his bike chases, stylish walks, guns and stunts… How different will be Vivegam?


This sounds to be a pretty justified question as this isn’t something new to Ajith Kumar for he has marveled us with such components in his erstwhile movies. But then, this is not an Ajith Kumar film, but the content drives the entire plot.

  1. Will it be a one-man show taking all terrorists and gangsters as we have already seen in many Tamil movies?

Perhaps, this is an assumption that many have been carrying in their minds. Of course, being an ardent Thala fan, one would want to see that happen. But then, it’s not just about one man show, but will have emotional and mental support from his aides in few places. After a certain point of time, he will take things single handed.

  1. Is it all about action and only action by herculean AK in the film?

That’s the specialty of this film, where we get to see that it is not just action based combat by AK. But the protagonist will be majorly using his brainy and intuitive powers to handle the situation. That’s the word you listen from him in the prelude of ‘Thalai Viduthalai’.

  1. Is Ajith Kumar playing dual roles in this film?

This has been the greatest source of excitements prevailing among many fans. Yes, this is the keenest thing they are looking out for. As of now, what majority says is that there is no dual role in this film. Then you might be wondering to whom Ajith Kumar says, “Indha Ulagame Unna Edhirthaalum” dialogue. Well, it could be his inner voice, which is PRUDENCE (VIVEGAM in Tamil).

  1. Who’s the baddie in the film?

Expect the unexpected!!! This could be the best answer for the moment.

(These questions and answers are imaginary as it goes with the expectations and assumptions of people and in the industry… Keep logging to this column for our first update on review tomorrow morning).

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