STR answers if he will ever fall in love again ?

The Stylish STR was voted the ‘Most Desirable Man of 2016’ in a poll run by Chennai Times, The ‘Manmadhan’ in a recent interview to the daily spoke in length about about marriage and love. Here are some excerpts

You have always been open about your personal life, unlike most stars. So, when are you planning to tie the knot?

I seriously haven’t planned anything in this regard. It’s not in my hands. Marriage is not like filmmaking. You can’t plan things, unlike films, where you can write the script beforehand and plan the shoot schedule. First, I must find a girl who likes everything about me, someone who stays with me for life. I will wait for the right girl until then.

Do you still believe in love? Will you ever fall in love again?

I will never ever lose trust in love. There is nothing without it in this world, and I will keep falling in love. There is no doubt about that. (laughs)

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