Tamannaah reveals the reason why she is part of AAA !!

The beauty Tamannaah’s phenomenal performance in “Dharma Durai” and “Devi(L)” are well appreciated by fans and movie buffs.

As reported earlier the beautiful Tamannaah is the pair for STR’s Ashwin Thatha role in “AAA” film. Interestingly in a recent interview the proficient actress said her role in “AAA” is quite pivotal, and a full-length one at that. Usually, the heroine’s characterisation is a frivolous one in our films, but this one is youthful and innocent. I would call it more of an effervescent girl, and not bubbly one. I play the role of an artist and so, my role has do with all things artistic in the movie.”  Tamannaah went on to add that her love portion with STR in this film is not the run of the mill kind and that is one of the main reasons she accepted the offer.


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