The One Word Narration of Kabali, Superstar said Yes to !

Superstar’s Kabali has been breaking records after records,  Under just a week, The lyric videos has surpassed the 10 million views on Youtube. The ‘NeruppuDa’ teaser has also received an astounding 2 million views under 24 hours and Superstar’s Soundtrack has also become the Number 1 top Selling album on Itunes India, Singapore, Malaysia and Sri Lanka with Neruppu Da also capturing the number 1 track.

Now in a recent interview, Soundarya Rajinikanth revealed how ‘Kabali’ happened, Soundarya said She knew Ranjith from the time he was an assistant to Venkat Prabhu in ‘Goa’ and she was supposed to produce his debut film ‘Attakathi’ but for some reason it did not happen. “One day, Appa mentioned to me that he loved Madras… and it started working on my mind. Later, when I met Ranjith, I casually asked him: Will you make a story for Appa? He froze. He took a few days and then told me the storyline: he opened the pitch saying, ‘Malaysian don’, and that was enough. I conveyed the storyline to Appa, who liked it, and told him it was Ranjith’s line. Today, it is Kabali.”



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