Thenandal films unable to release films and returning it due to huge loss ?

Thenandal films have returned Tik Tik Tik movie starring Jeyam Ravi to the Producers Jhabak films back, which Is one of the major reason for the delay of its release.

Also “Sema Botha Agathey” starring Atharva which is also made as Atharva’s first production venture Kick Ass Entertainment also got censored last year and has been given to Thenandal Films for release is also still didn’t happened.

Sources say Due to heavy financial loss of Thenandal films on their recent release, they are not in a situation to release the movies which they have committed earlier.

Let’s hope huge production company like Thenandal Films should overcome this situation and help KTown movie makers to distribute and release movies in wide level in future.

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