This actor wants to go on a Bike Ride with Thala !

The Thala of Kollywood has an illustrious fan following inside Kollywood, Numerous actor and actress have openly revealed their love for Thala. Now the latest entrant into this galactic list is the son of Legendary Jayaram, Kalidas Jayaram. The young budding actor has admitted that he is a diehard Thala fan and also revealed a beautiful incident in a recent interview.

Kalidas said He mimics Thala’s voice perfectly and he has even mimicked Thala’s voice to Thala numerous times and he has even appreciated his talent. Kalidas added he has gone biking with Thala and wanted to literally scream to the world that he is going with Thala Ajith. Kalidas concluded saying he wanted to go on a bike ride once more with Thala.



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