This Oscar Winner says Siva Karthikeyan is like Ranbir Kapoor !

The Oscar Winner, Resul Pookutty who has worked with the biggest stars from Hollywood to Bollywood in a recent interview said Siva Karthikeyan is like Ranbir Kapoor.

The genius behind the Superstar’s “Robot”, “Slumdog Millionaire” also worked for Siva Karthikeyan’s “REMO”. Resul Pookutty was faced with the task of changing Siva Karthikeyan’s voice into a female’s voice. Resul said at first when he listened to the narration he did not understand why the director approached him for a love story but then he realized the size of the task in hand.

“For me, the most difficult task was to genuinely and truthfully do justice to an actor’s performance. They were very clear that they didn’t want to imitate any voice, or over dub his dialogues with another actress. It’s the same issue I was dealing with while working on ‘Robot’. To change someone like Rajinikanth’s voice into a robot… Similarly, Siva is like Ranbir Kapoor. He has a huge fan following. To be able to manipulate it to this level was not an easy task,” He (Siva) wanted to use his own voice. You can make your character appear as a girl by wearing their clothes, apply make up but sound is something you can’t touch. I really had to rig my brain and find new solutions,”


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