Tik Tik Tik teaser exceeds your expectations !!

Just when the phrase ‘India’s first ever Space based thriller’ was announced, it took everyone by a delighting flight of exhilarations. Such was the instant reaction and now with the teaser of Tik Tik Tik, we are in actually in a state of spellbound moment. In this Jayam Ravi-Nivetha Pethuraj starrer Tik Tik Tik teaser, what instantly grabs our attention?

Evidently, the first thing that magnetizes us is the brilliant art work of space station and shuttle backdrops. The next thing is evidently the CG works that commutes us into the world of space. Let us not bring in the comparisons of Apollo 13 and Gravity. It’s not an easy attempt to bring out such an output at the moderate budget accommodated for a Tamil movie.

Definitely, this Sakthi Soundarajan directorial urges us to get irresistible over the full length theatrical trailer and film it.

Keeping the fingers crossed!!!!

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