What was Pandiraj Warned of when he teamed up with STR ?

Director Pandiraj who is enjoying the sucess of ‘Idhu Namma Aalu’ is also breathing a huge sigh of relief after the release his much awaited film with STR. The Director in a recent interview revealed how stressful and sad the numerous postponements have made him feel “Idhu Namma Aalu (INA) is just a small, simple movie that was meant to be completed in five months. It was a film I thought would take me to the next level. But it has been very sad and stressful.”

The Director Pandiraj went on add that he was warned the moment he had signed a film with Simbu,  “I was warned of this the second I said I was doing a film with Simbu”. The Director also heaped praises on the actor saying He’s one take actor, Even if you give him the longest sheet of dialogue he’ll deliver it effortlessly in one take. Pandiraj concluded saying STR was also a great dance and someone who’s got a great sense of music but he is also very lazy.

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