What was Thala’s Salary in Aasai Film ?

Director Sj Suryah who has delivered some massive blockbusters in “Vaali”, “Kushi” and “New” in a recent interview revealed how he made into the dream industry. The ace director revealed while he working as Assistant Director in “Aasai”, Ajith was the Hero who received a salary of 75000 Rs back in 1995. He said Ajith had been noticing his hard work and didn’t care of how SJ Suryah’s looked has he had a torn shirt with pin striped on cover the torn button.

SJ Suryah and Ajith met once again in shooting of “Ullaasam” where he worked as Assistant Director once again, It was here that Thala had asked Sj Suryah why he hasn’t directed a movie a yet and asked him to ready a script for him. It was then Sj Suryah came up with a special script which was the massive blockbuster “Vaali”.


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