When Ilayathalapathy Praised Thala’s Powerful Dialogues !

Director Bharathan who recently delievered a superhit with Ilayathalapathy’s “Bairavaa” in a recent interview spoke about Ilayathalapathy’s “Ghilli” and How Ilayathalapathy praised “Veeram” Dialogues.

Director Bharathan said he was the lucky one to read out “Ghilli” dialogues to Vijay and upon hearing the dialogue “Eppo Nee Fraud Panni Jakkainum Nenachiyoo Appove nee thothutaa” for the first time itself Vijay pointed out that this dialogue will get huge response from audience.

The Director also went on reveal how he got a offer to Direct “Bairavaa”, Bharathan said Vijay had invited him after being impressed by “Veeram” Dialogues and told him that each and every dialogue in the film was very Powerful.


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