When Karthi was Arrested by American Police !

Actor Karthi who recently wrapped up his supernatural Thriller in ‘Kashmora’ is getting in shape for his untitled film with the legendary Mani Ratnam. The stylish performer participated in Bru Event held in Chennai yesterday, the actor was asked to spill the beans on one incident in life he has never revealed to anyone. Karthi recalled an incident which happened in United States while he was studying there.

Karthi said he was once arrested for overspeeding and the Police had asked him to pay a spot fine of 200 Dollars or spend the night in Jail, Karthi said he didn’t have that much money then and was afraid of the American Jail. However his friends somehow came in and made sure he didn’t spend the night in Jail. Karthi said this was one incident which he hasn’t told even his father yet.


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