When Nikhila Vimal was told not to call that Actor ‘Anna’ !

The Beautiful actress Nikhila Vimal has captured the Kollywood Hearts with two lovable performances in Vetrivel and Kidaari. The actress’s debut film was neither “Vetrivel” nor “Kidaari” but “Panjumittai” with Ma Pa Ka Anand.

Nikhila’s Panjumittai is gearing up to day see the daylight. Speaking about the film, The actress said she was completely clueless about the Tamil film industry and could not the speak the language as well. Nikhila went on add that she was calling her on-screen pair Ma Ka Pa Anand as Anna (Brother) during the shoot  “I never knew that you should not call your hero as anna. I was calling every male in the unit as anna. My crew later told me to call Anand as ‘sir’ or by his name.”

Nikhila however praised Ma Ka Pa Anand, saying he was very patient and very supportive.

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