Why Thala was paid only Half of his Salary for Billa !

The ‘Thala’ of Indian Cinema, Ajith is known for his good deeds and down to earth nature. Here is an another testimony to his Golden Heart by notable Distributor Tirupur Subramaniam.

In a recent interview notable distributor Tirupur Subramaniam revealed how Thala Ajith did “Billa” for only half his salary .  S.S Chakravarthy’s NIC Arts bankrolled most of  Ajith’s films until “Ji” with both partying ways due to  some misunderstanding.

Later on S.S Chakravarthy created problems for Ajith during the shooting times of AVM productions  “Tirupathi” stating he has call sheets of the actor and demanded Ajith did one more film for him. Despite all the issues when Ajith realized that S.S Chakravarthy was in financial crisis Ajith immediately said yes to the movie and even went on to say that he will do the film for him for the half the salary he receives now.

Nic Arts Chakravarthy then transferred Ajith’s Call sheet to another Producer and Ajith went on to complete the film for half his salary. The film was Titled “Billa”, The rest they say is History !!!



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