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1 year of Blockbuster Velaikkaran!

By on December 22, 2018 0 254 Views

Velaikkaran-2017, the film which marked as 11th film for the Rising star Sivakarthikeyan, who had promoted himself from being an actor to a responsible individual with this film.

The Man who is known for his happy-go entertainers, teaches the people around the Kids with this velaikkaran.

The film which talked about the food adulteration and the quality of Foods blended with the Rights of the workers. This quality from the script gets highly connected with the common citizens.

Battling out Mohanraja’s previous “Thanioruvan” which had a cat and mouse play, between a police and a corporate monster, while the same continued in velaikkaran, but this time its between an agent and a corporate monster.

Actress sneha’s portrayal as the victim’s mother, was widely appreciated by the fans.
Finalizing the climax , the writer spilled the end to the public opinion , which is a new phenomena in Sk’ films.sleeky sivakarthikeyan, a stellar cast including Nayanthara, Roboshankar and RJ balaji, with a detailed writing made the film as one of the best products in 2017.

Checking on the technical aspect, the film is directed by Mohan raja, music fromby Anirudh and visual done by Ramji.

After the release, the mighty slum set was exhibited for the Viewers point, which still marks as one of the best strategy from the producer R.D. Raja- 24am studios.

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