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2.0 from Tomorrow!

By on November 28, 2018 0 136 Views

After waiting for a 3 long years, here comes the “Costliest Baby” of thd nation out for its delivery tommorrow(29.11.2018). 2.0, the technically strongest film holds a budget estimated around 500 cr , with no Comprise in the quality.
On a recent chat, with Director Shankar who revealed that, this film will have the Real essence of Tamil screen play, which won’t get sunk in High-tech making.

The film is technically strong, with high-tech direction from Shankar, A.R
Rahman’s music and a great uplift by Lyca productions.
The film completed its prebussiness all over the world, and waiting for the Viewers Visit.

Being the Upgraded version of 2010 blockbuster Enthiran, which had many Intresting characters like Chitti, Dr.Vaseegaran , Bohra and Sana.
Will the same magic get repeated in 2.0????
Let’s wait for another 10 hours.

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