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A big check from ICC!

By on December 22, 2018 0 278 Views

International cricket council headed by Shashank manohar is kicking fast on planning the pending debts associated with the firm. Checking on the the previous and current tournaments, the firm has come up with a conclusion .

Now, the ICC asking the BCCI to sort out the tax deduction Incurred during the ICC T20 world cup hosted by India, which worth around 160 crores before December 31st.

The ICC also threatened that should India fail to comply, the Governing body will at the other options for hosting 2021 champions trophy and 2023 50 over world cup, which are scheduled to play In India.

This news gets viral among the cricket fans and enthusiasts, who wants the BCCI to clear out the issue soon, as it would be a threat to the game, if prolongs.

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