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A Biopic on” PM Narendra Modi” soon!

By on January 4, 2019 0 355 Views

Biopic’s are the recent trending points in recent days, with an array of films releasing in the genre for the past few years. Recently, ”The Accidental Prime Minister”, a biopic on the Ex-PM, Congress leader Manmohan singh, which is the current Debate topic amongst the political parties of the nation. Before subsiding the storm, here surrounds a News regarding the biopic of the happening leader Narendra Modi, on the title “PM Narendra Modi”.
Previously, the makers around the biopic planned veteran Actor Paresh Narwal to play the centric lead, who ejected himself due to unexplained reason. Now, the makers have Zeroed Actor Vivek Oberoi to play the centric role.
Checking on the technical team, the film is directed by Omung Kumar, who is well known for directing biopics. Previously, the director had a Sports drama based on the life of Olympic bronze medalist Mary Kom. The director also had Sarbajit and the revenge drama Bhoomi..
The film will have its first look motion poster on January 7th, and the filming will start from Feb-2019. The film is produced by Sandip Singh.

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