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A minor setback for “Zero” team!

By on November 30, 2018 0 426 Views

Bollywood baadshah shah rukh khan’s “zero”, which is nearing its final stages, had a sequence shot in Mumbai, Goregoan film city ,was affected due to the fire broke happened yesterday. The press and the sources around the team, revealed that the star wasn’t present at the time of the damage. There is no trace of reports on any injuries for the crew members.
Also, it was reported that, the reason by the fire damaged is still unfound, and it was assured that it will be investigated soon. The accident took place, during the filming of a song sequence, where many suggesting that the reason might be a “short circuiting” on set. Four fire brigades marched to the spot, to clear out the problem faced by the team.

Though this had shocked the SRK fans, we could see them settling down after the positive press reports regarding the accident.

This zero is based on story of “bauua” portrayed by actor Shahrukhkhan , with two female leads Katrina Kaif and anushka Sharma.

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