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Actor Naseeruddin shah slames Indian skipper Virat kohli!

By on December 18, 2018 0 343 Views

The ongoing second test in Perth,is being a head on head clash than a sport, where Indian captain virat kohli and Australian Tim Paine, exchanged harsh talks, from Day 3. the fire took rage post lunch on day 3, where the match referee, had to step-in to solve the issue. At a point, umpire Chris Gaffney couldn’t hold their behavior and was heard saying something in the lines of” That’s enough, that’s enough. come on, play the game. you guys are the captains”, on the stump microphone. when Australian cricketers where known for sledging the opponents, here came skipper Virat kohli from India, who act as the only reciprocator in this issue.

After the heated verbal duel, between the players, we could see the fans, backing up both the star’s for such a behavior. Here comes, actor Naseeruddin shah, a well known personality in Bollywood to share his view on the ongoing rage, who tagged Virat kohli as “World’s worst behaved player”. This tweet from the actor went on to be a debate, where the tweeples started to back both the stars. the comment on actor’s previous film especially “Dirty picture”, were put in between the Harsh conversation among the fans.meanwhile, the tweet also mentioned an important fact where , the star cricketer loses the value of his talent, which gets subsided under His arrogance and bad manners.

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