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Actor Prakash Raj strongly critizes the existing Governments !

By on February 2, 2019 0 123 Views

The important announcement in early 2019, was the political entry of actor Prakash Raj, who is ferocious to participate in the upcoming LOK Sabha elections, on behalf of the people belonging to the State of Karnataka.

The actor who is bold on his comments and moves, is very keen to help the people associating and selflessly serve them to lead happy life. Prakash Raj is well known for its bold moves, who had a recent chat and shared many interesting things on his future startegies. The actor who is always been a strict opposer of BJP and its activities, shared a sarcastic word on Indian PM Narendra modi , who said, “ Though I’m a well-known actor amongst the audience, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is way bigger than me in acting, who act in front of the people by inducing fake promises.”

Also, Prakashraj strongly criticized the TN state Government, who said that , it is entirely not happening as per the norms and terms. As a sincere request to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the actor turned politician mentioned that , The chief Minister should serve the people as per their own knowledge, rather being operated under someone else.

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