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Actor Vishnu Vishal gets Injured!

By on January 25, 2019 0 75 Views

Stunt department does focus a lot on a sequence, as the fighters had to shed their blood/sweat to make the fans go crazy. Though a lot of precautionary measures are followed, still the fighters do get hurt, sometimes it becomes fatal too. At the instance, even the stars who are performing, do get injured while executing a sequence without the alternates/ body doubles. Actor Vishnu Vishal is one actor, who doesn’t prefer the alternates has performed a valarous stunt sequence for the film “Kadaan”, which is directed by Prabhu Solomon.

The actor had previously mentioned about the most hectic days of Kadaan Via tweets , which unfortunately gets ended with a injury targeting his neck, spine, and shoulders. The actor who is slowly heading back to the normal shared a few words about the sacrifice hidden behind every stunt man, who shed their blood/flesh for a stunt sequence. The actor pledged that he will constantly support & prays for the works of every stunt man, as the life of those fighters and the people who work under them Isn’t easy.

On the technical front, Actor Vishnu Vishal has completed the first schedule of “Kadaan” in a full swing, where the film revolves around the friendly bonding between a man and An animal.

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