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“Adangamaru is for Family too” –Jayam Ravi!

By on December 15, 2018 0 188 Views

Actor jayam ravi’s adangamaru, Which has a week left, for its release, parallel has Sneak peek’s and promos gearing up hype among the fans. This being an action thriller, and the star himself said the the film will have the content based on women safety, creates a higher expectation towards the film. Adangamaru had its press talk held today in chennai, which had the presence of the cast and crew.
On addressing the people, jayam ravi shared his experience on working in this film.
The actor said “ I sincerely thank my mother in law for stepping the film production, which gives a big boost for us. She was an awesome producer , who cleared all the essential needs and necessities raised by team”.
Sharing about the director, he said “ karthik is like my brother, who is a very dignified person, especially when it comes to women. That attitude from him , will reflected on screen, especially in Dialogues. adangamaru will be a family entertain too, for which the public can head to the hall with their family, without a dilemma.I wish all the films battling out in December race, to clinch the success”.
Actor jayamravi, will soon pack for his next film, which will be directed by Debutant Pradeep Ranganathan. the film Is titled as Komaali,which will have actress Kajal Agarwal playing the female lead.The film will go on the floors, once the year begins.

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