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Ajith glacely slides Viswasam post- celebrations!

By on January 31, 2019 0 414 Views

Success meets are the current trend of Tamil film industry, where the teams tend to exhibit their success to the public , which is getting bigger day by day. Interestingly, the” meets” are quite important for the people and media too, who wants to know the post-status of their favorite films. In recent days, the true success gets stamped completely, when the People associated in all sectors surrounding a film including the exhibitors, theatre owners and Stall in charges find it has a profitable package.
Viswasam is one such film in 2019, which reached the periphery end of the state, by attracting the people of all age groups and emerging as a “Blockbuster” film. The film became a profitable venture in terms of both content and the box office, which also registered a profitable start for Box- office -2019. As we are aware of the makers who are extremely happy about the results, also had a spark on having a special gathering to celebrate the success of this entertainer.
But the Actor, who is way away from promoting a film before the release, and celebrating it after the post, politely refused to encourage the post celebration. The sources around says that the actor has slided all the celebrations away and is currently busy on shaping up his next “AK 59” under director H.Vinoth.
Once again the star proves his stability on the quote “Good films are promotional by itself”

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